Pixelated A.png

Pixelated Archipelago, art show by Michael Cooper

Pixelated Archipelago is a series of oil on canvas paintings that confront, through abstraction, our society's increased connected-ness and simultaneous increased isolation as a result of experiencing much of life through screens.

The show runs through July 7.


Human After All, art show by Madison Rosenbaum

Human After All art show explores the vulnerabilities of humankind, while empowering both subject and viewer to explore sociopolitical structures through artistic voice.

Opening reception, July 21, 6pm - 9pm.

Pre-order your copy of the Human After All book for $25 through July 5.

State of the Union Call for Art

The Tri-Cities community selected Immigration and Refugees as the theme for this art show.  Artists propose your artistic interpretations of Immigration and Refugees: the wall, travel bans, citizenship for sale, deportation, or the impact of climate change. 

Deadline: September 24

Art Show: October 20

Thank you DrewBoy Creative for fostering art that nurtures and engages our society.
— United States Senator Maria Cantwell

Jessica Vorheis


Jessica Vorheis’ piece “Light” reminds me that earth - along with its beautiful landscape and majestic mountains - is incomparable to the vastness and complexity of the universe. I bought Jessica’s painting because I wanted to be reminded of that everyday.
— Vanessa Cozza