Calls for Art

Pedestal Film Festival - Deadline: December 15. DrewBoy Creative will host a film festival in January 2018. If you have a short film (20 minutes or less) you would like to show please send a link of your video to Please provide a brief description of the film. Cost to enter is FREE. Not all videos will be accepted.  We will rent out the Uptown Theatre and premier the documentary "inVisible", as well as show the film that started it all "Faceless Fields of Colour". We are looking for films to showcase with the documentaries.  

Richland Players Call for Art, Deadline: January 5.

Yellow Show Call for Art, Deadline: January 7.

Betty Feves Memorial Gallery Call for Art, Deadline: March 1. 

DrewBoy Creative is accepting gallery show proposals all the time.  If you have a show proposal please apply here.