Davin Diaz ,  Martian Fossil 1  (detail)

Davin Diaz, Martian Fossil 1 (detail)

The Coyote & Falcon 9 - art show by Davin Diaz

An art show by Davin Diaz about the colonization of Mars.

April 20 - May 1.

This show is sponsored by Numerica Credit Union.

  Ashleigh Rogers ,  Rise

Ashleigh Rogers, Rise

Ashleigh Rogers Art Show

DrewBoy Creative showcases rising star Ashleigh Rogers in her first solo show.

Winner of the People's Choice and Gold awards at this year's Yellow Show, Rogers brings her unique portraits to DrewBoy Creative.

May 11, 6pm - 9pm.

Human After All, art show by Madison Rosenbaum

Human After All art show explores the vulnerabilities of humankind, while empowering both subject and viewer to explore sociopolitical structures through artistic voice.

Thank you DrewBoy Creative for fostering art that nurtures and engages our society.
— United States Senator Maria Cantwell

Jessica Vorheis


Jessica Vorheis’ piece “Light” reminds me that earth - along with its beautiful landscape and majestic mountains - is incomparable to the vastness and complexity of the universe. I bought Jessica’s painting because I wanted to be reminded of that everyday.
— Vanessa Cozza