David V35 solo art show at DrewBoy Creative, September 20, 6 - 9 pm, Confluent, 285 Williams Blvd., Richland, WA

Live music by Kinda Spicy.

Food by Picante Mexican Taqueria Food Truck.

Sponsored by Numerica Credit Union and Joann & Ron Hicks.


Existo: A film Ahead of Its Time..

By Adam Whittier

“No doubt you are as distressed as I am over the recent reports of isolated artistic activity.”

—Armond Glasscock, host of The Family Minute

During my time at the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont, I was lucky enough to attend a number of private “movie nights,” hosted by one of our instructors. Steve Bissette had joined the faculty after retiring from the comic-book industry, during which time he’d worked on projects as varied and venerable as Swamp Thing, Constantine, and 1963….[click here to read more]

Saul Martinez Pinata 1.jpg

Por Favor, Ya No Me Pegues

"Allow yourself to be placed in the shoes of the assailant, or much worse, in the shoes of the victim. The victim is protecting his/her face as if in the last moment before physical contact. It begs for mercy. It pleads with you to please stop.

I interviewed multiple members of the community with a history of domestic abuse. Their direction allowed me to create an anthropomorphic sculpture. As the sculptor this piece haunted me constantly due to the fact that I was the one generating these emotive responses from the sculpture.

There's a playful element to the physical exterior of this piece. The joyful innocence we all assume of our peers when we are young. Statistics show that an average of 24 instances of sexual/ physical abuse per minute. Almost as if taboo to speak of it. For this reason, this piece still haunts me. The interior of this figure remains empty. As described by an interviewee "You feel hopeless and empty on the inside. This is how you make it through the abuse." --Saul Martinez

Saul is raising money for the victims of physical abuse. To donate click below. In the “Additional Information” section enter “piñata”.

The piñata is on display through May at Confluent Space Tri-Cities.

Mexico_Christmas_breaking_the_pinata_LCCN2016820994 #2.jpg

Mexican-American Therapy…

By Saul Martinez

Nothing gives a higher sense of power than the grainy wooden handle of a broom, or a real baseball bat in late adolescence. I remember being nine years old and feeling my heart pounding in my chest. I was the next batter up, but this was no baseball game. Not whiffle-ball. Not Stick-ball. This was a different sport. La Pinata! ….[click here to read more]

Fatima Traore is raising money to build a day care center in her mother’s name. To learn more and to support the day care center click here.