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Fringe Fantasy / / Artist Reception

  • DrewBoy Creative 285 Williams Boulevard Richland, WA, 99352 United States (map)

Fringe Fantasy / / photos by Stephanie Severance

As an artist Stephanie pushes the boundaries of society’s norms, toeing the edge of artistic freedom that gives way to uninhibited self-expression of subject and artist.  In her current exhibition “Fringe Fantasy”, Stephanie explores a series of photography in travel, culture, and people; often contrasting the gritty and edginess of the industrial environments with the dreamlike juxtaposition of light, softness, and translucent layers.  With an emphasis on architecture and the female form, the artist has woven an enticing and well-documented story of letting go and opening your heart to it’s true desires.  

Shot primarily in natural light, Stephanie captures the realness of her subjects in candid and authentic moments.