The State of the Union - Fall 2017

The Tri-Cities community selected Immigration and Refugees as the theme for this art show.  Artists propose your artistic interpretations of Immigration and Refugees: the wall, travel bans, citizenship for sale, deportation, or climate refugees. 

All mediums accepted for this juried show.  Three awards will be distributed. A People's Choice Award, an award for the artist that best captures the idea of climate refugees, and an award for the artwork that best incorporates the Tri-Cities into it.

Please fill out the entry form.  

Art Entry Form

JPEG images, a brief description of the artwork, and an artist statement must be submitted to, in addition to filling out the entry form. Include your name in the subject line please. Art will not be entered into the show otherwise.  NO EXCEPTIONS!


DrewBoy Creative extends an invitation to artists and dreamers to propose their own artistic interpretations of Immigration and Refugees. 

Eligibility: Everyone! No geographic limits. All entries must be of original design and personal execution. All shipping and transportation of the art is the responsibility of the artist.

Media: All media welcome. Works must be original and made within the previous four years.

Size: No 2-D piece may be larger than 48” x 48”. No 3-D piece may be larger than 36” x 36" x 60”.

Submission Fees: $10 for the first piece, $5 for each additional entry

Exhibition and Deadline: Submissions are due by midnight October 8.  Accepted artwork needs to be on site no later than October 16, 285 Williams Blvd., Richland, WA 99352.  Exhibition of art will run from October 20 - November 5, with the opening reception scheduled 6pm, October 20.  High-resolution images must be emailed to by October 8 along with the entry form filled out at  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Selection:  ALL work will be accepted!* 

*DrewBoy Creative reserves the right to reject any work it finds offensive or hateful. 

Shipping: Accepted artists will deliver or ship the work to DrewBoy Creative and arrange for return shipping. If you deliver your artwork, do not drop it off before October 9 unless you have arranged to do so with DrewBoy Creative. Artists are responsible for all shipping and return shipping costs, including insurance or any prepaid return shipping that is no longer valid or sufficient.  DrewBoy Creative reserves the right to refuse artwork that is too fragile, oversized, or does not meet the conditions of eligibility.  DrewBoy Creative cannot assume responsibility for the loss or damage during shipment.

Location:  285 Williams Blvd, Richland WA 99352

Installation-ready: Each accepted entry must be installation-ready, framed or encased, with appropriate hanging hardware and installation instructions, and clearly labeled with artist’s name and title of the work. Test your framing/presentation before sending it. The presentation of your work is as important as the object, and deserves extra care and consideration. DrewBoy Creative retains the right to reject works from the exhibition at any time, at our discretion.

Duration: Accepted work may not be withdrawn before the close of the exhibition and a date agreed upon by DrewBoy Creative and the artist.

Insurance: DrewBoy Creative may insure the works while on site for the insurance value indicated on the entries.

Photography: DrewBoy Creative may photograph the work and use images of submitted artwork to publicize and promote the exhibition and any future exhibitions, catalogs and calls for entry.

Sales: All sales will be handled through DrewBoy Creative. A 40% commission will be charged. All pieces must remain up for the duration of the exhibition. DrewBoy Creative reserves the right to sell accepted works online during the exhibition. Artists will be responsible for shipping sold artwork to the buyer. DrewBoy Creative will send checks to the artist for the sale of their work - less any shipping and sale related fees - at the end of the exhibition.

Retrieval of Work:  Artwork has to be picked up no later than three (3) days from November 7 for picking up artwork.  The Gallery cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss to artwork that has been left more than three (3) days following posted deadline for picking up artwork. Artwork left longer than ten (10) days after the deadline becomes the property of DrewBoy Creative.

Did you fill out the entry form for your artwork?

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