DrewBoy Creative Volunteer or Internship Position


DrewBoy Creative’s (DBC) mission is to improve the world we live in by harvesting art and creativity.  DBC does this by producing 4 – 6 art exhibitions annually.


Candidate must be self-motivated, have attention to detail, and follow instructions both written and verbal. Excellent verbal and written communication skills, general to advanced knowledge of word processing and spreadsheet software.


·      Acts as a role model within and outside DBC

·      Performs duties as workload necessitates

·      Maintains a positive and respectful attitude

·      Communicates regularly with the DrewBoy Creative Board of Directors Volunteer Liaison

·      Demonstrates flexible and efficient time management and ability to prioritize workload

·      Consistently reports on time prepared to perform duties of position

·      Meets DBC productivity standards

·      Maintain confidentiality as it relates to the task at hand


·      Provide assistance for installations and de‐installations

·      Preparing gallery space for exhibition

·      Maintaining gallery space during exhibition

·      Input data into various spreadsheets / databases

·      File appropriate paperwork


Interns and volunteers may request to work in one particular area, identified below, or they may seek cross‐over experiences that address more than one of the three areas identified below. 

Exhibition Internship:

·      Maintain exhibition paperwork and incoming proposals

·      Involved in determining exhibition schedule

·      Be an ambassador for DBC

·      Assist artist in installation and de‐installation

·      Facilitate the sending of exhibition promotional materials

·      Aid in preparation of gallery space 

·      Create exhibition wall text and object labels

·      Communication (both written and verbal) with artists

·      Assure artist contracts (consignment and exhibitions) are received timely and are accurate

·      Production of price sheets for shows

·      Obtaining artist’s statements, typing and reformatting them with our font

·      Greeting guests and talking to them about the artwork

·      Exploring techniques for art sales

·      Researching artists

Social Media and Marketing Internship:

·      Create Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook exhibition campaigns

·      Produce marketing material in the way of postcards, flyers, and exhibition banners

·      Write and send press releases

·      Write and develop the exhibition catalog

·      Develop and deploy website strategies for gallery promotion

·      Compile material for marketing packets

·      Maintain website exhibition calendar and photos

·      “Fun Facts” bullet point sheets (research and compile information about the techniques used by artists for each show)

Community Involvement Internship:

·      Creating online exhibits

·      Compile volunteer packets, programming, and workshops

·      Develop educational material for schools and families

·      Improve awareness of the collection in the community

·      Increase the community's interaction with the gallery 

·      Assist in writing grant proposals 

·      Preparation and maintenance of art labels


Schedules are crafted to meet the needs of interns and volunteers 


Interns and volunteers receive a 15% discount on artwork


Interns and volunteers are  supervised by the DrewBoy Creative Board of Directors

To Apply

Email resume and/or letter of interest to Davin Diaz at davin.dbc@gmail.com