Art to Build a Daycare Center in Africa

Aminata Ouarike Diarra

“My mother Aminata Ouariké Diarra passed away on November 29th, 2018 at the age of 72 years.

My mother’s parents were teachers and encouraged her and her siblings to get an education. She became a teacher too and taught for more than 40 years. She loved being a mother and had ten kids. I am the oldest.

Growing up, my mother told all of us to get an education, which we all did because of her sacrifice for us.

She not only loved her children, she loved all the kids around our community. She wasn’t only a teacher, she was every child’s mother in our community and at all the schools where she taught. All the kids’ parents were grateful and trusted her. She believed kids are our future and encouraged everybody to invest in early childhood education.

She taught full-time, came home to continue to care for us and others. In Malian culture, women are the gatekeepers of the home. Even if they are working mothers, they are still the homemakers.

My mother mentored first and second generation family members in our neighborhood, until her passing. After she retired and with her health failing, she continued to devote her time helping and mentoring kids to stay in school.

Because most parents were not educated, they relied on Aminata to help their kids with their education. She not only helped them with their homework, she also fed them with whatever we had. My mother enjoyed sharing and caring for others.

She loved people unconditionally. Her rule was “our friends and other kids in the neighborhood should NEVER ask if they could get some food, play with our toys and spend the night”. If there was food, you just served yourself because it’s your home.

My mom was a giving person. She touched and inspired many people. My mom left a big void in so many people’s lives in our community!

To honor my mother and make her dream come true, I would like to build a one classroom daycare center in her name.”

— Fatima Traore

The Aminata Ouarike Diarra Daycare Center

  • Kids will learn the alphabet, numbers, songs and the names of different animals. They will play with building blocks, toys and games

  • Kids will learn social and teamwork skills, while stimulating their cognitive development

  • They also learn basic skills like handwashing and how to greet people

  • This program will encourage parents to send their kids to primary school and increases kids’ interest in school. They will likely excel when they get there compared to the kids who didn’t go through such program

  • Increasing opportunities for early learning increases school readiness, meaning children arrive in primary school ready to learn and to do well

  • Parents will be encouraged to get involved in their kids’ education

  • The fee will be less than the regular fee at other similar daycare centers

  • The center will only take neighborhood kids ages 4 to 6

  • There will be have 2 part-time daycare givers

  • The classroom will be 20 by 20 feet

  • For 10 to 15 kids

  • Chairs and tables

  • Toys, games and snacks

  • Supplies

The Project

Construction Materials-$10,000

Labor- $3,000

15 Classroom chairs and tables: $2,000

Classroom supplies: $1,000

First few months pay for the 2 part- time providers- $1,000

Total Project: $17,000

handcrafts for sale to support the The Aminata Ouarike Diarra’s Daycare Center