Our Mission

To improve the world we live in through art and creativity.

WHat we Do

DrewBoy Creative prioritizes shows and activities that promote art from individuals who are emerging artists, people of diverse and marginalized backgrounds, or artists that challenge the traditional school of thought related to art.

DrewBoy Creative produces shows with either one of two goals:

  • To promote or establish the DrewBoy Creative brand; or
  • To promote and develop the Tri-Cities art community.

DrewBoy Creative provides a mentally, physically, and spiritually stimulating gallery that will inspire and support amateurs, outsiders, and professional artists, while welcoming audience members from all walks of life.

DrewBoy Creative sponsors art exhibitions, juried shows, art fairs, and other community events.

DrewBoy Creative is founded on the idea that the experience is the most important objective for an organization. 

DrewBoy Creative will produce art exhibitions that stimulate conversations and community development.

Art is invincible.
— Cameron T. Mills