Day of the DEAD art show

DrewBoy Creative was proud to host its first Day of the Dead Art Show. The art show featured artistic visions of the Day of the Dead and Traditional Halloween.  

Award Winners

1. The Challenge The Process Award presented by Steve Lee for creativity, innovation, and amount of *^%# given (ideally zero):  Alicia Barrera, The Golden Taurus
2. Vanguard Award presented by Claire Dann for creativity and originality, quality of artistic composition and overall design, and a work that challenges the current local conventions of what β€œart” is (relevance to contemporary art and visual culture):  Cameron MiltonRebirth
3. Le Manchot Capricieux Award presented by Kyle Cox, for unique character and the use of light, negative space, and color palette:  Jordan RandlesRY000030
4. People's Choice Award: Jordan RandlesRY000030

Selected Artwork

Photo Gallery