DBC Film Festival 2019 - Featured Films

(Film, Country)
Strowger's Revenge, USA*
Near a sink like this, USA
Beacon, USA
Broken Doll, Argentina
Communists Have the Music, USA
Dip Into (Best Animated Short Film Award Winner), Peru
Divine Hands, USA*
Generations – PETS, USA*
Hey Jude, USA*
Karma Knows - Hot Air, USA*
Ketos, USA
Leave the Light On, USA*
Mayan Time, Mexico
Melty Hearts, Chile
Mni Wiconi: Water is Life, USA
Old Man Planet, USA
Welcome to London, USA*
Sewing machine - PETS (Best Music Video Award Winner), USA*
So Close to America, USA*

*denotes that filmmaker/s are from Washington State

Highlighted Videos

Best Music Video Award Winner

Artist: PETS Song: Sewing Machine Album: Personal Electronic Transactor Sounds Label: Funkytonk Records Website: http://funkytonkrecords.com Video Directed by Tim Leingang. Music recorded by Eli Moore of Lake. Mixed at Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia WA and Mastered by Nicholas Wilbur at the Unknown in Anacortes WA.

FIlm CUrators

Deanna Boyle, Stephanie Button, Joe Cruz, Davin Diaz, Jeff Kissel, Jess Stangeland, Kate Walters, and Adam Whittier.


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