State of the Union, October 2017

The Tri-Cities community selected Immigration and Refugees as the theme for this art show.  Artists proposed their artistic interpretations of Immigration and Refugees: the wall, travel bans, citizenship for sale, deportation, or climate refugees. Artists were also invited to explore the positive contributions Immigrants and Refugees have made to this great nation.

Award Winners

1. People's Choice Award - Anas Aljuboori, The Axis of Sorrow

2. Award for the artwork that incorporated Climate Change the best - Saul Martinez, The Migrating

3. Award for the artwork that best incorporated the Tri-Cities - Anas Aljuboori, The Axis of Sorrow

Photo Gallery: Show opening and the Art of the Dinner


Art gallery hosts immigration and refugee-inspired art show

Jessica Eden Roth, Borders, audio

A young woman is photographed and recorded telling her story to challenge stereotypes, and to break down figurative and literal barriers. Click here for the audio.