DBC Film Festival 2018

DrewBoy Creative hosted its first film festival and premiered the mental health documentary "inVisible". The festival featured the following films:

Faceless Fields of Colour - Davin Diaz
Runner - Bill Creston
March Fox, Continental Divide, Company, and Crow’s Blues - Sena Clara Creston and Shepard McCallum
Any Ordinary Day and Solo - Cameron and Kathryn Mills
HOME - TrenchFlix (Winner: Best Film)
I Had a Dream About You Last Night - What's on Entertainment
Rosenbaum Abstract1 & Abstract2 - Madison Rosenbaum
Karma, Come Our Way (Winner: Most Creative), Svpper Clvb, Bad Dudes and The Blü, Kalamazoo - A Justin Frick Take
inVisible - DrewBoy Creative & Ethan Shotz Films
She Said / He Said - Filmmakers Boot Camp
The 11th Commandment - Bryan McGlothin
Der Keller - Nat Saenz
The Rockwatcher - Vice Mocumentaries
Desolate - Austin Cadman

Selected Videos


Davin Diaz, President, DrewBoy Creative Board of Directors

Jeff Kissel, Chair, Richland Arts Commission

Kaitlin Quick, Collection Development Librarian for Films and TV, Mid-Columbia Libraries


New festival will put the spotlight on Tri-City area filmmakers

Support local films at first-ever Pedestal Film Festival


Sponsored by Richland Rotary Club and Ryan & Jamie Brault