The Orange Show

DrewBoy Creative's Orange Show featured artistic interpretations of the color orange. It was a juried art show.

Winners include:

  • Alex Baugh, "Unition of Two”, People's Choice Award Winner.
  • Jason Watson, "Views By Media”, TC Award, for the artwork most representative of the Tri-Cities using the color orange.
  • Annie Warren, "Chapel San Juan, Mexico”, winner of the “Captivation Award” for the piece that captivates and visually seduces the viewer to gaze endlessly, through composition, color and other qualities.

Performance art piece, “Zen”,  performed by Rachael Thompson, painting by Cameron Milton and Claire Elizabeth Dann, and flowers provided by SCRAP Tri-Cities. 

The Making of Zen

OPENING Reception Photo Gallery

Images by Ray Elle and Elinor Lake.